At Salacia, we strive to reinvent water desalination and brine treatment and accelerate global adoption of our environmentally  friendly technology.

Salacia Technologies

Salacia is a Science and Engineering company, headquartered in Calgary, Canada with a focus on development of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies for desalination and treatment of seawater and industrial wastewater with wide range of salinity.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Salacia and currently we are focused on further improvement of our technology to reduce the environmental impact (GHG emission, freshwater use, and brine disposal) of different industries including desalination, oil and gas, mining and lithium extraction while reducing the capital and operating cost of treatment for our customer.

Our main focus is on resolving brine crisis as substantial volumes of brine waste is being produced everyday. Our goal is to become one of the leading players within the industry in the next decade with projects and/or operation across the world.

A Change in Desalination World

Salacia is the first to develop and achieve a Direct Solvent Extraction (DSE) based method for desalination of seawater with low/medium salinity (35g of salt per litre) and industrial brine waste with high and ultrahigh salinity (up to 300g of salt per litre). Our patent pending technology can eliminate brine waste by recovering more than 97% of the water with more than 60% energy saving and more than 50% cost saving while producing valuable solid salts, which result in lower CO2 emission and cost-effective brine waste elimination.

The Salacia Solution

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